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VAC-45 HEPA Vacuum

Skat Blast
VAC-45 HEPA Vacuum
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  • VAC-45 HEPA Vacuum
  • VAC-45 HEPA Vacuum
VAC-45 HEPA Vacuum
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Skat Blast's BEST VAC!  Won't Clog and Recovers 40% More Dust than Bag-Type Vacuums!

VAC-45 HEPA Vacuum with patented HEPA Filtration provides greater suction (90-100 cfm) for increased visibility inside your cabinet during blasting. Plus, keeps your shop cleaner!

HEPA FILTRATION TRAPS DUST - Traps any ultra-fine dust particles down to 0.3 microns (particles about 1/300th the diameter of a strand of hair) and keeps 99.97% dust inside the vac and out of your shop! Plus, has 29% more filtering area than Vac-40 Vacuum. The ultra-fine filtration prevents vacuum motor failure caused by dust entering the motor. The result is a longer-lasting vacuum.

NON-STICK FILTER MEMBRANE - Resists clogging because dust and dirt simply fall off the filter surface before it can build up. This enables the Vac-45 to have 40% more suction and 56% more filtering area than old-style Vac-35 or bag-type filter vacuums which clog over time. The Vac-45 works like NEW every time!

QUICK MAINTENANCE - If suction should ever decrease, simply pick up the Vac-45 and tap the bottom canister on the ground. HEPA filter is also washable by removing and rinsing with water and then air drying.

EASY CLEAN-OUT - New one-piece steel bottom canister with easy on-off lid assembly for fast and quick emptying of accumulated dust and dirt.

SPECIFICATIONS - 90-100 cfm, 115 volt motor with sound-deadening lid assembly for ultra "quiet operation". Only 72-76 decibels. Includes 5 ft vac hose (2-1/2" dia) for hookup to your blast cabinet and Final Filter Outlet Kit. Wt: 30 lbs. 15-1/4" dia, 40" high. Made in USA.

Includes Final Filter Outlet Bag Kit - Reg. $29.95!

When using a cabinet for more than occasional use (about 1 hour daily) or commercial use (5 hours per week), a vacuum is not adequate for dust removal due to limited capacity. We recommend our 180-DC or 310-DC Dust Collectors.

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